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Protecting your important business documents

Store your important documents in a safe and reliable location

Archive storage for important business documents

Keeping your business documents is of utmost importance as they serve as a vital record of your operations, transactions, and interactions with clients. While it may seem overwhelming to retain a multitude of records, including client and accountancy documents, it is a necessary practice to ensure legal compliance and facilitate smooth business operations.

The general guideline for retaining client and accountancy records is a minimum of six years. This timeframe allows for the fulfilment of various legal requirements, including tax regulations and potential audits. By maintaining these records, you create a comprehensive and reliable historical trail of your business’s financial activities, which can be crucial in the event of disputes, investigations, or compliance inquiries.

However, the accumulation of business documents can quickly lead to an overwhelming amount of paperwork. Especially for businesses with limited physical space, storing all the necessary documents on-site becomes impractical and burdensome. It can hamper productivity, impede workflow, and potentially expose sensitive information to risks such as loss, theft, or damage.

Archive Storage

Keep your business documents safe and secure without taking up space in your office. Store your archive documents with Norbreck Self Storage.

Equipment Storage

If you run a business that requires the use of equipment, you will need a safe space to store that equipment during downtime.

Stock Storage

Your eCommerce business relies on having stock. Don’t take up room at home or in the office – store your stock with Norbreck Self Storage.

Pallett Storage

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Your equipment and stock is the lifeblood of your business. Make sure you protect it wisely when you store with Norbreck Self Storage.

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Access your documents when you need them

Keep your papers for as long as you need them

This is where off-site archive storage services step in to alleviate the burden. With these services, you can securely store all your paperwork in designated archiving storage units, offering you peace of mind and efficient document management. By utilising such services, you can free up valuable office space while ensuring the safety and accessibility of your business documents.

Off-site archiving storage facilities at Norbreck Self Storage provide a secure environment for your records, equipped with advanced security measures such as access controls, surveillance systems, and climate control to preserve document integrity. Your valuable documents are protected from unauthorised access, natural disasters, and other potential hazards.

Moreover, with off-site archive storage, you gain the advantage of easy and convenient access to your documents whenever needed. This option ensures that you can quickly locate and retrieve specific documents when necessary. Whether it’s for reference, legal purposes, or compliance obligations, you can access your stored documents in a timely manner, eliminating the stress of sifting through physical archives on your premises.


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Archive storage solutions tailored to your requirements

Legal requirements for holding business documents

There are many different types of documents you may need to keep in your archive storage, but how long do you need to keep these important business documents for? Generally, it is suggested that you should keep all documents for a minimum of 6 years to ensure you are carrying out your legal responsibilities. Some documents, however, should be kept for longer. We have put together a handy list below that include some important documents and how long they should be in your archiving storage for: 

HR documents
Application and recruitment 6-12 months
Maternity and Paternity 3 years
Parental Leave records 5 years / 18 years for children in receipt of disability allowance
Pension benefits 12 years (from end of paid benefits)
Redundancy records 6 years
Sickness absence 3 months – 6 years (from end of employment)
Training records 6 years (from end of employment)

Health and Safety
Accident records 3 years

Tax Returns 6 years
Financial Statements 6 years
Accounting Records 6 years

General Company Documents
Contracts and Business agreements 6 years (minimum)
Limited company information 6 years (minimum)
Director/Secretary/Shareholder information 6 years (minimum)
Votes and resolutions 6 years (minimum)
Payments/loan repayments/share transactions 6 years (minimum)
Loans and mortgages 6 years (minimum)
Significant control register 6 years (minimum)

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Why choose Norbreck Self Storage for your archive storage needs?

By embracing off-site archive storage, you can streamline your business operations and optimise your workspace. It allows you to focus on core tasks, enhance efficiency, and improve overall productivity. Moreover, with secure storage and easy access, you can confidently comply with legal requirements and ensure your business remains organised and prepared for future needs.

While the accumulation of business documents may appear overwhelming, it is essential to maintain and store them appropriately. Off-site archiving storage services with Norbreck Self Storage offer a practical and secure solution, enabling you to retain your records without compromising space, security, or accessibility. By leveraging our reliable storage services, you can effectively manage your documents, comply with legal obligations, and facilitate seamless business operations.

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